Group Name –The Ladies and the Gaga.

Major Topic: Stress Management
Sub Topics
  • AT&T- Monopoly in America
  • Promoting corporate leaders-Team building
  • Skin care-Tanning
  • Buyers of outdoor gear- Outdoor gear
  • Comparing different forms of eco-transit within North America and Cub - Eco-transit-

Industries connecting the above sub topics:

Scientific Research and Development
Communication/corporate affairs - Sales/Marketing-Advertising

North American vs Cuba - Eco Transit

With more resources and money North America has larger scale modes of Eco-Transportation and are tending to focus on changing the current models of diesel buses and trains to a more Eco-friendly Hybrid or fully electric model. This type of Eco-transit development requires a higher demand in natural resources and also a higher demand for skilled labor to manufacture, operate and then maintain these expensive complicated modes of Eco-transit. Depending on the size of a city also effects what types and how larger of a project transforming the older carbon based transit to a more Eco-friendly mode of transportation. Cities such as Chicago and New York are starting to take delivery of the new Designline Hybrid Electric buses that boost a zero emissions.

Another alternative to carbon based transportation that is becoming more and more popular is the bicycle. Once something that was more common for children to do on the quieter streets in the suburbs. More and more people are turning to the bicycle for a more economical and Eco-friendly way to commute to work or to get around town. North American cities are providing tax dollars to fund infrastructure programs for dedicated bike lanes as well as establishing their own network of paths and road ways to safely get around cities.

To introduce new and different modes of public transportation to city dwellers cities are partnering with light rail manufactures to test the system before implementing and designing the new system. The City of Vancouver during the Olympics partnered with Bombardier a company that manufactures light rail trains and created a temporary track from a popular Tourist attraction (Granville Island) and tied it to the newly created Canada Line Subway. They were able to transport over 100,000 people over a four week period, effectively introducing a new type of transportation to the people of Vancouver.

For all news on light rail transit in North America I found this website that contains, news, images, definitions, lists, vendors, maps and specs of all the light rail systems used in North American cities.

Cuba - Eco Transit

Included in this video are all the modes of Eco Transit that are available to Cubans. With very limited resources in ways of new technology Cuba has been able to adapt 1950's technology to maximize capacity in it's transportation system. City buses are non-existent, so buses that do run the roads mostly travel further distances you would have a city bus in a major city like Havana. People travel by Eco-friendly bicycles or by adapted rickshaw bicycles within city limits. Transport trucks and farm trucks have been transformed into buses. People load up on the back and hang onto any scrap of metal they can find.
Donkey and open carts are also used still today and walking is a major mode of Eco-Transit still today.

The easiest and cheapest way for tourist to travel Cuba is by the Viazul Bus. A modern air-conditioned bus with television and washrooms. For a reasonable price you can travel between all the major cities of Cuba. Havana to Varadero will cost you 10 cuc. This Viazul bus is geared more for tourists there are other more economic and eco friendly ways to travel around Cuba.

Connectivity of Sub-topic to Retail through Stress Management

Case Study - LuLu Lemon

Eco-Transit - Technologies such as GPS software that is used in cellphones is used to day in our transit systems. They advises peopling used the transit system when the next train or bus will arrive at the stop. Workers in retail and in this case LuLu Lemon use transit to get to work.

Outdoor Gear - LuLu Lemon is a retailer of gear that can be used outdoors. Their Labor Market and Retail Market depends on Eco-Transit options to get to work and to their retail outlets.

AT&T - GPS Software that is used for cellphones Aps can help the customers and employees of Lulu Lemon to determine when the next Bus or Train will Arrive.

Tanning - Customers and Employees of Tanning Salon's wear Lulu Lemon and take forms of Eco-Transit.

Stress Management - To help reduce stress, all Lulu Lemon employees are required to take Yoga class and build a 5 year career plan to help in Stress Management and also personal development.
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  • Throughout history, tanning has gone in and out of fashion. In many early civilizations, tanned skin was thought to be a matter of social class.
  • Those whose skin was tan often spent long hours working in the sun, and were often grouped together as lower class.[4]
  • Women even went as far as to put lead-based cosmetics on their skin to artificially augment their appearance.[5]
  • However, these cosmetics slowly caused their death through lead poisoning. Achieving this light-skinned appearance was brought about in many other ways, including the use of arsenic to whiten skin, on to more modern methods such as full length clothes, powders, and parasols.
  • This fair-skinned trend continued up until the end of the Victorian era. Niels Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1903 for his “Finsen Light Therapy”.[6]
  • This therapy was to cure infectious diseases such as lupus vulgaris and rickets. Vitamin D deficiency was found to be a cause of rickets disease, and exposure to the sun would allow Vitamin D to be produced in a person.
  • Therefore, sun exposure was a remedy to curing several diseases, especially rickets. Shortly thereafter, in the 1920s, Coco Chanel accidentally got sunburnt while visiting the French Riviera. Her fans apparently liked the look and started to adopt darker skin tones themselves.
  • Tanned skin became a trend partly because of Coco’s status and the longing for her lifestyle by other members of society. In addition, Parisians fell in love with Josephine Baker, a “caramel-skinned” singer in Paris. Those who liked and idolized her wanted darker skin so they could be more like her. These two French women were two trendsetters of the transformation of tanned skin being viewed as fashionable, healthy, and luxurious.

Indoor Tanning vs. Outdoor Tanning


If you want to have a tan, then you have two choices: indoor or outdoor tanning. Indoor tanning involves the use of a tanning bed with bulbs that emit ultraviolet light. Your other option is to tan outdoors, exposing your skin to natural sunlight.


The type of UV rays you are exposed to differs between indoor and outdoor tanning. Outdoor tanning exposes you to a mixture of UVA and UVB rays while indoor tanning facilities typically emit only UVA radiation. UVB rays cause the skin to sunburn, and UVA rays affect the pigment that causes the skin to tan. UVA radiation has been linked to causing the most deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma.

Sociological perspective

According to several studies, both men and women view a tanned body as more healthy than a pale body,[14] even though tanning sometimes leads to an unhealthy body by way of blistered or burnt skin, wrinkles, and skin cancer. This represents a conflict between one’s health and the social values of being perceived as healthy or physically attractive. Some people prefer to appear healthy and conform to society’s expectations, rather than curtail risk by avoiding sun damage.[15] The image one conveys through having bronzed skin is largely responsible for the ever-growing trend of tanning today.[15]

Reasons Not to Tan=
  • The sun's UV rays damage the DNA of the skin's epidermal cells, triggering enzymes that race to repair the damage
  • Also, repeated unprotected sun exposure can cause wrinkles, sagging skin, and spots associated with sun damage. Those UV rays can be a killer.
  • Tanning Beds Increase the Risk of Non-melanoma Skin Cancers, Too
  • UV Exposure Causes Skin Aging
  • Tanning is Not Fashionable
  • studies Link UV Radiation to the Deadliest Form of Skin Cancer

Connectivity with stress management

Some researchers suspect that tanning can be such a hard habit to break because UV radiation stimulates the body’s production of endorphins, chemicals that produce feelings of calm and well-being. In several studies, relaxation has been cited as a major motivation for tanning, and in a 2006 study of almost 1,300 adolescent indoor tanners, those who claimed tanning improved their mood were more likely to have difficulty quitting.
Connectivity of the sub topics –through technology

Technology in tanning industries

With the advancement of technology we have seen natural Sun tanning (this is the act of exposing the skin to sun), grow to advance indoor tanning by use of technology through tanning lamps emitting some UVB Light. To stimulating vitamins D production in the skin and elevated blood levels of vitamins D in the body through indoor tanning

The Evolution of the Telephone System-through Technology has helped in the world of communications e.g.- From Bell's Electric Toy to the Internet- with unceasing scientific curiosity-we now enjoy cell phone-GPS , multimedia –iPod etc. –AT&T

Eco-Transit-(technology). In 3500BC, came the invention of the wheel. By this point, man had long since domesticated the horse. The idea of trade and exchange, with the invention of the wheel lead to the development of mass transportation, as man put his new invention to practical uses. – Eventually transportation has grown to electric mode of transportation which is multi-model environmentally sensitive, efficient and reliable.

Team building – Through advanced technology communication has enhanced team building/on-line meetings by advance telecommunication systems such as Skype

Outdoor activities- We love the great outdoors, and there is nothing like exploring it with the right accoutrements. Technology has made this possible where individuals exploring mountain climbing, hiking, skiing etc having outdoor gears or equipments such as GPS clips located in arm cortex jackets that could help locate persons buried in snow/lost.

Jobs in tanning industries and related fields- **customer service reperesentative**

Other resources
Video /podcast clips related to Tanning . -- Tanning Intervention with the Cast of "Jersey

AT & T a Chronicle


American Telephone and Telegraph, or AT&T, is one of the oldest telephone communications corporations still in existence. Based in San Antonio Texas, AT&T today is the largest provider of phone services in the United States, dominating not only local and long distance LAN lines but also the wireless market as well. Their stock is available on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol 'T'.

AT&T has its beginnings in the original company created by Alexander Graham Bell and his backers, Bell Telephone Company. In 1880, the Bell Telephone Company began an ambitious effort to lay long distance lines across the country in a network that was the first of its kind. In 1885 this project was incorporated into its own company, the American Telephone and Telegraph company, known today as simply AT&T.

By 1892, AT&T had connected Chicago with New York, and they had an formidable network linking New York with San Francisco by 1915. The first transatlantic cables were in place by 1956.

For the majority of AT&T's existence, it enjoyed a virtual monopoly of the long distance telephone service market. It also controlled more than 20 Bell operating companies, providing different regions of the country with local telephone service. In the 1920's, along with RCA, AT&T owned patents on the triode vacuum tube and began research into radio and wireless communication. RCA eventually went on to form the National Broadcasting Company, or NBC, whose transmission connections were provided by AT&T.

Also in the 1920s, AT&T formed the Bell Telephone Laboratories, or 'Bell Labs'. Focusing on research and development, the Bell Labs are credited with the discovery of radio astronomy, the transistor, the photovoltaic cell, the Unix operating system, and even the C programming language, although AT&T did not always take advantage of these discoveries.

AT&T's monopoly held all the way up until the 1970's on the basis that it was a 'natural monopoly', or in other words a monopoly due to the fact that they were the only company capable of providing the long distance phone service they offered on such a large scale. However, following the invention of affordable microwave communications equipment, long distance networks could be made without the expensive construction costs involved in AT&T's original cable network. Microwave Communications Incorporated, or MCI, was the first company to break into AT&T's long held monopoly, beginning what would eventually develop into the rousing long distance service provider battle we see today.

Though they no longer have a monopoly, they still clearly dominate telephone markets in the United States across the board. In 2005, they were purchased by SBC Communications, and as part of the merger SBC changed its name to the company it had acquired, AT&T.



The representation below shows the connections between the different topics for production. It important to mention that the production has usually has 5 phases:
  1. Design
  2. Assembly/ Production
  3. Quality Control
  4. Finished Product
  5. Packing, Labeling & Consignment

For List of AT&T Products please click the following link:


Hossein Eslambolchi, president of AT&T Global Networking Technology services, believes in a future of intelligent, open networks and smart devices. He expects a transformation from existing legacy systems and applications to a seamless, ubiquitous virtual world with multimedia applications.
Hossein leads AT&T's quest to become "the world's networking company." His two rules of thumb for corporate management have streamlined production across the company:
  • The Concept of One: Do it once, do it right, use it everywhere.
  • The Concept of Zero: Zero defects, zero cycle time, automate where possible
In this short talk, Hossein describes the forces driving a transformation of the communications industry and the challenges and opportunities it presents. He outlines how AT&T is aligning itself to face this new world reality.
Podcast link to this :$divId&filename=ITC.Web2.0-HosseinEslambolchi-2005.10.06


For List of Tanning Products please click the following link:

With the advancement of technology and research, awareness among people is growing. More herbal products are in development and demand. Production of tanning products has gone up multifold in the past 10 years.
Production processes of Eco-Transit involve :
  • material inputs -- volume/mass
  • human inputs--labor and users (time)
  • service inputs - navigation, terminal operations
  • capital inputs – physical units, monetary units (stocks & flows)
  • design inputs - dimensions, weight, power
  • transportation - cargo trips, vehicle trips, vehicle miles, capacity miles, miles
The ecoTRANSPORT Strategy is part of the Government of Canada's ambitious agenda to protect our environment and the health of Canadians and to further our economic prosperity. The link below gives more info on it.
Click on the link below for team building material:
Mostly the production in team building material requires, contents development, software development, audio and video development.
Adventure package trips and outdoor activities are also important team building simulations.


Following is the list of outdoor gear required for outdoor activities. The production involves so many different items of various kinds.


Tent, Ground cloth/tarp, Extra stakes, Shade tarp/poles/rope/stakes, Axe or hammer, Mat for tent entrance, Dust pan/brush


Sleeping bag, Sheets/blankets , Pillow , Air mattress/sleeping pad/cot/tarp , Air pump, Repair kit for air mattress, Utility bags for storage


Large water jug & water bucket , Coolers/ice , Thermos , Stove with fuel/propane , Matches/lighter , Charcoal/firewood/buddy burner , Dutch oven/tin can stove/box oven/etc
Campfire grill/BBQ grill , Fire starters/newspaper , Tablecloth/thumb tacks/clips , Plates & bowls/paper plates & bowls , Silverware/plastic silverware , Measuring cups , Heavy-duty aluminum foil , Paper towels , Trash bags , Dish soap
, Clothes pins , Cooking oil/Pam spray , Containers for food storage , Potholders/oven mitts , Pots and frying pans with lids , Soap for outside of pots and pans , Cook utensils-spatula, knife, spoon , Tongs , Skewers/grill forks , Can opener/bottle opener , Folding table , Dutch oven , Pie irons , Mugs/paper cups , Mixing bowl , Cutting board , Ziplock bags , Napkins , Dish pan , Dish rags/towels , Scrub pad/brillo , Seasonings/sugar/condiments , Potato peeler


Shoes/boots , Jeans/pant/belt , Shorts , T-shirts , Socks/extra socks , Hat , Bandana , Sweatshirt/jacket , Underwear , Sleep clothes , Rain gear , Swim suit/towel , Laundry bag


Shower shoes/flip flops , Towels/washcloth , Soap in plastic case/shampoo , Tooth brush/tooth paste , Deodorant , Comb/brush , Razor , Feminine products , Toilet paper , Shower bag or 5 gallon bucket , Camping shower/shower pump , Other personal items , Personal medications – take extra


Sunscreen/chapstick, lantern with fuel/mantles, Extra batteries/bulbs, Compass/GPS
Bug repellant/candles, Whistle, Water filters/purification/treatment, Camera/battery/film/video, magazines, Candles, Maps/directions, Misc. tools, Backpack/fanny pack, Fishing gear/license/bait, Radio, Musical instruments/song books
Camp chairs, Sunglasses, Hammock, First aid kit, Tissues, Saw/axe, Park, map/guidebooks/trail maps, Lantern pole or hanger, Collapsible drying rack, Popcorn
Marshmallows, Graham crackers, Hershey bars, Flashlight/batteries, Pocket knife
Plastic grocery bags, Binoculars, Rope/clothes line, Canteen/water bottle/coffee pot
Bungi cords/straps, Cards/games/toys/golf, Duct tape/electrical tape, Notepad/pen
Reservations info./confirmation, Cell phone/charger & 2-way radios/walkie talkies
mall shovel, Safety pins, Money/ID/credit card/quarters, Bikes/helmets, Travel alarm clock, Work gloves, Umbrella, Hand wipes, Drinks/snacks, Small sewing kit, Fire extinguisher, Hot chocolate/tea bags/coffee, Scissors, Watch

Basic First Aid Kit

Personal medications, Roll bandages, Adhesive tape, Antiseptic wipes, Sterile gauze pads, Cotton swabs, Tweezers, Safety pins, Scissors, Bee sting kit, Sinus medications
Tissues, Bug repellant, Sunscreen, Notepad/pen, Sterile compresses, Splinting materials, Personal information/contact person, Feminine products, Ipecac, Razor blades, Plastic bags, Small bottle of water, Blanket

Other personal needs
Small mirror,Triangular bandages, Misc. Band Aides/bandages, Anti-acids (Tums, Rolaides), Antibiotic cream, Aspirin/Ibuprofen/Tylenol/Naproxin, Hydrogen Peroxide
Ace bandages, Sunburn lotion, Burn ointment, Snake bit kit, Eye drops, Poison ivy cream/cleansers, Heat/cold packs, Small flashlight, Latex gloves, Antibacterial soap
Thermometer, Coins for emergency phone calls, Antibiotic soap, Butterfly bandages
Twine, Mole skin for blisters, Road flares, First aid manual, Nail clippers

Stress Management - Promoting Corporate Leaders - Team Building

Promoting Corporate Leaders

I found this video on the Lessons in Leadership website. For me the video speaks volumes about the change in the Labour Market, from a local, national and global perspective. It touchs me to understand from this video that global Leadership appears to be in money, research and technology. The speed of change makes leaders of those (people, companies, governments, communities) who can reach goals faster and cheeper. I truly enjoyed this 6 minute video and hope you will too.

Shift Happens

Loyalty has won out over profits.
Erik Lacitis, Seattle Times, staff reporter

When in Seattle this article in the paper caught my attention. Here is a family owned business that is trying to wait out the recession. They describe many reasons for the good of thier business and the good of their "family" aka employees to not lay off workers. For the full article check out the Seattle Times website.

Leadership & Teambuilding

What makes a good leader? is a link to an article by Jim Bright that discusses the importance of individual leadership at all levels of the organization. He is writing after hearing philosopher Dr Jeff Malpas from the University of Tasmania; speak at the Career Development Association of Australia Annual Conference. When I look up Professor Malpas I am directed to the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Ethics (CAPE), at the University of Tasmania. Ethics has a basis in much of the working work, and definitely in Corporate Leadership and Team Building. has jobs available within the search results of "ethics,ethical,moral,morale,ethique,philosophe,philosophique,philosophie,philosophy,philosopher,philosophical,deontology,deontologie,integrity,integrite". Here is the RSS Feed.

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    Outdoor Gear

    How all the topic connect in scientific research development in labor market

    Scientific research development helps all these area to progress and make improvement, accordingly create more needs in labor market for well educated and qualified researchers.

    Regarding the tanning lotion and equipment, the scientific researchers now add moisturizer into tanning lotion. They also make more modern and safer tanning beds that won’t claps on people.

    Outdoor gears, like GPS are widely used, i.e. new technology of GPS locating chips installed in the arm of the Cortex jacket, so if you are buried in snow, people can still find you.

    Cell phone includes I- phone, touch-phone etc. There are so many new gadgets out there. There are many new efficient phones with many functions.

    In Rapid transit, new development making the more efficient train and the new computer technology could announce the time before next train coming to the station.

    In Cooperate team building, there are many scientific researches on human brain, development and relationship. How a well built and well maintained team will have the most efficiency in productivity. There are many researches on how to strengthen the relationship quality between people among team. All these researches do help to benefit these hi-tech cooperate leaders.